Monday, December 14, 2009

Colour Test

OK, so, this is the first render test for my film.
I have a photographic cut-out background, a pencil and watercolour underlay, and a drawn animation and photoshop character:
any thoughts on making them all be friends?

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Andy R Macpherson said...

Colour/edit each layer (ie: the cut-out BGs; watercolour images; drawings) as separate documents so that each document is easy to keep track of and doesn't get too large or complicated. Then make a copy of the folder containing the BG documents, and begin compositing the finished watercolour images over the BGs images, and save these as new images... Then go back through these composited images and add the animated stuff on top, and save/overwrite these new files.

You should end up with all the layers nicely composited together into individual jpegs/frames (that will all look exactly like the finished film), which you can then load straight onto the Premiere/AE timeline to watch a completely finished sequence - rather than having to bring each layer into different layers on the timeline and edit it all frame by frame in AE (which would take up a lot more memory and space on the hard drive).