Sunday, April 12, 2009

First test(s) of the multi-plane camera stand (5 layers)


Ewan said...

This stuff looks amazing! the clouds look really substantial and frame everything really well. The depth is really cool. Can't wait to see it move!

lynds-o said...

oooo i like this!!

stephne_88 said...

I'm currently trying to build a multiplane camera stand.. having trouble with lighting. :( see you got it right? Any tips?

Shade said...

Cheers Stephne,

I'm still working on it myself. This was lite from behind with the round CFL from my animation desk, and from above with two ikea desk lamps at 45 degree angles to the front, with tracing paper over them to stop the glare in the glass.

This version's still missing all the highlights though, so my next step is to move this whole setup onto a proper camera stand at my school. It's got with fixed (tungsten?) covered lights on either side, the same light underneath, and those ikea lamps might come along for use as moveable light.

Hope that helps!